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Noggin Sport is dedicated to providing the highest level of protective skull caps to be worn with certified helmets. It is our goal to protect athletes against the occurrence of head injuries and minor traumatic brain injuries.
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Noggin Pro

Noggin Pro

Reduce impact by up to 85%

Impact reduction up to 22% with football helmets, 38% for hockey, and 85% for baseball

Extensive research

Meets and surpasses CSA, HECC, and NOCSAE standards

Impact reducing gel cap

Strategically placed gel caps add maximum protection while preventing the player’s head from overheating

Disperses the impact

Unlike foam, the Noggin disperses impact as opposed to absorbing it


Made of dry wear moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry for maximum comfort. Machine washable to promote proper hygiene 


Noggin Sport is dedicated to making the best and most comfortable protective skull caps available. Our unique design provides additional protection for any athlete. A dry wear moisture wicking fabric helps the player from overheating and provides comfort so they can stay focused on the game! The exposed gel caps generate friction to the inside of the helmet. They hold the helmet in place and reduce any slippage. The Noggin provides a snugger and more comfortable fit for any helmet.

There are many products that DETECT impact. We REDUCE it!

The Noggin was independently tested at Intertek, an industry leading testing facility. The Noggin has shown to reduce up to 85% of the impact sustained during a direct blow to the head of an athlete wearing a certified helmet. The incorporated gel caps inside our protective skull caps add an additional layer of protection between the head and the helmet serving to disperse the impact and greatly reduce it.