About Noggin

About Noggin Sport

Noggin Sport is a Canadian-based company dedicated to the advancement of concussion prevention research. Our goal is to help protect athletes by providing the highest level of protective skull caps. We feel that the Noggin is a first active step in the fight against head traumas. It was specifically designed to help protect against the occurrence of head injuries and minor traumatic brain injuries. Keeping in mind that head injuries and concussions may occur from a whiplash effect, we feel that by reducing the amount of impact to the skull may reduce the severity of a given traumatic brain injury. Extensive testing was performed at Intertek Labs in Cortland, New York, a leading testing laboratory. Results repeatedly showed that the Noggin greatly reduces the amount of impact to the skull. The gel capsules integrated within the skull cap work to significantly disperse the impact away from the skull. Using the latest dry wear fabric, the Noggin was designed to maximize protection, comfort, and breathability.