Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the noggin™ wick away sweat?
A: Yes

Q: Will my head overheat while wearing the noggin™?
A: No. Spread through the skull cap are gel pads that allow for maximum breathability and comfort

Q: Why are the gel pads located where they are? Is there any significance to their placement?
A: The gel pads are strategically place in triangular formations onto 4 quadrants. This is done in order to cover the most surface area of the head without compromising breathability or comfort.

Q: How do I wash my noggin™?
A: Every noggin is machine washable and dry-able (on low heat). We want to promote good hygiene!

Q: Why isn't the whole skull cap covered in gel pads?
A: If the entire skull cap was covered in gel pads, your head would suffocate. The gel pads are strategically located for maximum breathability. Covering your whole head in gel pads would be equivalent to wrapping it with saran wrap before putting a helmet on.

Q: Will the noggin™ prevent a concussion?
A: No. To scientific knowledge today, nothing is proven to stop or prevent a concussion. The noggin will only reduce impact to the head which may cause a traumatic brain injury.

Q: What’s the difference between the noggin™ and the noggin™ Pro?
A: Each product delivers the same performance – the only difference is the style. The noggin offers exposed protective gel pads and a thicker head band around the bottom. The noggin Pro offers concealed protective gel caps below a second layer of dry wear material and a thinner head band. The noggin Pro has been designed to look and feel just like the skull caps currently used by the NFL.

Q: Which size should I buy?
A: Unlike most skull caps with "one size fits all," we offer 2 sizes which will fit someone as young as 5 years old. The sizing is based on preference of fit. The M/L is slightly larger in diameter for a looser fit and side length which does not cover the ears more than the S/M size.

Exact dimensions:

  • noggin™: Diameter S/M 8.5", M/L 9.5" | Side width: S/M 6.25", M/L 6.75"
  • noggin Pro: Diameter: S/M 9.25", M/L 9.5" | Side width: S/M 6.25", M/L 6.75"

If you wear a 7.25 hat or smaller, we recommend the S/M. Anything above that we recommend a M/L.

Noggin-19 Noggin-21

Q: What is your return policy?
A: The noggin is manufacturer guaranteed to be defect-free. We offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee given the product is in brand new condition.

Q: “I bought the wrong size.”
A: If you purchased the wrong size, send it back right away and we will replace it for you free of charge.

Q: Do I get a discount if I purchase Noggins for our sports team?
A: Please contact us directly at for team discounts

Q: Do you offer custom colours?
A: We offer custom colours and logos based on a minimum purchase order. For info please contact

Q: Where can I buy the Noggin?
A: Aside from online, you can go to any Source For Sports in Canada and ask for a Noggin. In the US, any dealer that carries Douglas Pads will also carry the noggin™.